Maura Armstrong

With twenty-two years of experience, Maura knows a thing or two about Recruitment.

As Managing Director of LCJ Education, she is at the helm of a great team who she is happy to introduce to you below.

Recruitment at heart is about people and making connections and this is one of Maura’s strengths.


Christine Maginn

Megan Garcia

Christine and Megan take care of resourcing and compliance. They do a wonderful job making sure that all our candidates’ paperwork is up to scratch before they step foot into any of our schools.


Jo Hawkes

Jo is our go to gal for all things finance. She looks after all the accounts. She makes sure our teachers are paid for their hours in school and does a marvellous job ensuring everyone understands how everything in this area works.


Jules Mulcahy

With nearly twenty years experience within the education sector as a teacher and consultant, Jules is now heading up LCJ Education’s marketing.  She loves sharing Maura’s message of support for both candidate teachers and client schools alike.


Mikaela Tomic

Mikaela is the  Senior Consultant at LCJ Education for SEN.

Her role requires a level of specialist understanding of the needs of each individual school and the type of staff they require.

SEN teaching is highly specialised and requires many skill sets.

We are excited about joining forces with a new school group in the area of SEN which will be opening its doors in September 2017.


Ashley Fairfax

Ashley is the Team Lead Consultant for the Secondary Division and knows that cover manager’s in busy schools want to be able to rely on an agency to provide good teachers at quick notice.

Ade, the cover manager at one of our client secondary schools had this to say,

“I have got to know the staff very well. They are always helpful and I have never been let down…. In a busy school like ours, we have to be able to deal with agencies that can be relied on and able to supply us with teaching staff at very short notice. LCJ has always been able to do this. I would strongly recommend any cover manager in any school to use LCJ”

This is exactly what we want to hear from our clients, but equally, we are open to suggestions for improvement. If you think there is something we could be doing better then let us know.


John Bryant

John heads up the Primary Division and is ready to take your call to make sure you are receiving the best possible service.

He understands the pressures that go on inside Primary schools and is therefore always keen to help in any way he can to ensure that staffing is not one of them.

Mohammed, one of our long-term KS1/2 candidates says, “I have been with LCJ for 2 years and I have had a positive experience with them from the point of registering up ’til now.”

This is what we strive for at LCJ Education, longstanding relationships with both candidate teachers and client schools. We are here to ease the process of matching the right person for the right job.


Keith Odeje

Taylor Harris

Keith heads up the Early Years Division and is always happy to talk to our excellent nursery colleagues. He’s here to help.

He’s ably supported by Taylor and together they make a great team.

At LCJ Education we pride ourselves in listening to the requirements of both our candidates and clients to make sure we match the right person to the right job.

Early Years education is the foundation step for our children and so we believe in enlisting passionate individuals for each role. We’re always here to help.